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There are two different possibilities for a person to study courses in eTourismCurriculum:

  1. Students with study rights at Haaga-Helia UAS, Lapland UAS, Karelia UAS, JAMK UAS, Laurea UAS or Satakunta UAS.

If you are a student at any of the aforementioned universities of applied sciences, you have to possibility to study eTourismCurriculum courses free of charge. All you have to do is to find out if you can add eTourismCurriculum courses to your degree. Do so by contacting either your study offices or your university contact person. Contact person details can be found here. When you are certain you can include the courses in your degree you can sign up for the courses here.

2. Everyone else through open studies

If you are not a student you can still participate in the courses through open studies offered by each member university. Each course if provided by the particular university, not by eTourismCurriculum network. For more details please see open studies in eTourismCurriculum universities for each course individually.

E-business in Tourism and Hospitality: https://www.haaga-helia.fi/fi/e-business-tourism-and-hospitality

Managing eTourism: Apply for Open University here: http://www.lapinamk.fi/en/Applicants/Open-University-of-Applied-Sciences and register for the course at https://www.webropolsurveys.com/Answer/SurveyParticipation.aspx?SDID=Fin1139871&SID=8d6e1cd7-620f-4bd1-b58e-67b8f196c8fe&dy=1531472968

Business Online Visiblity: https://www.laurea.fi/en/studying-and-applying/open-university-of-applied-sciences

Gamification in Tourism Marketing:

Electronic Distribution in Tourism: https://www.haaga-helia.fi/fi/electronic-distribution-tourism

Future Applications and Trends in Tourism Technology:

Online Marketing in Tourism: https://www.meerkado.fi/apply/1546949/online-marketing-in-tourism