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The course will run from September 2018  to December 2018.

Learning Outcomes

The student understand how to utilize the Internet in tourism marketing. He or she understands and knows how to use online tools to gain marketing advantage and customer insights. The students learns how social media can be used in tourism marketing and customer service. Previous experience from product development, customer service and advertisement are utilized in online environment.

Course content

  • Social customer relationship management
  • Customer insight
  • Customer segments and the Internet
  • Experience marketing and consuming
  • Social media insights, trends and services
  • Benefits and risks of social media for tourism businesses
  • Marketing analysis and web analytics
  • Social media as a marketing and customer service channel
  • Technology enhanced tourism experience

Mode of delivery and Implementation, Planned Learning activities and Teaching Methods

Online course including online lessons, virtual collaboration and group work.  Visiting lectures and presentations from the tourism and technology business.

Learning outcomes

Level 1


  • knows possibilities of online marketing in tourism business
  • knows  a role of online marketing as a part of service design in tourism
  • knows the importance of customer data analysis in tourism and service design

Level 3

In addition, student also

  • recognise differences between online/offline marketing distribution channels  in tourism
  • can develope and apply multichannel marketing tools in tourism business

Level 5

In addition, student also

  • manages and develops successfully online marketing in tourism service design
  • developes and applies online marketing as a part of experience phased service design in tourism

Items of Assessment, Assessment Methods and Criteria

Active participation on all the learning tasks during the course is evaluated.

Project work (report and presentation)


The course will be graded on a scale 1-5.

Lecturer in Charge               Jere Kuusinen, SAMK